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About Us

Bea Solya,
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

RushSeekers Travel Network

La Dolce Vita Concierge
a Premier Service of the RushSeekers Travel Network

I created La Dolce Vita as a Premier Service of RushSeekers, a Luxury Travel Lifestyle Management Company.

If you are capable of traveling on a private business jet you did not arrive where you are in life today by making your own travel reservations and arrangements. Any one of the many travel companies can provide a marginal, mundane and workable level of service.


Obviously, you are now looking for what you deserve and are entitled to in life. No longer one of the crowd and as a leader in every thought you have little time for the things that should be executed to perfection as a given.

So why choose RushSeekers?

RushSeekers, the company that I created, was founded from a vision of my extraordinary life long memorable travel experiences. 

Whether for business, vacation, family, romance or just being a traveler, I formed a set of standards that I know are the way travel should be experienced and the way it should be enjoyed. 

Travel, if done correctly will leave you with memories of joy, excitement, adventure, revelation and a reaffirmation that "Yes, I am Living my Life to every expectation.!"

Life is about gratification and spending time with family and loved ones. At La Dolce Vita we understand our successful clients prioritize and do not deal with unnecessary details pertaining to the way it should be! 

Unequivocally, La Dolce Vita delivers flawless execution of Luxury Travel Lifestyle management. Upon becoming our client, rest assured your travel plans and experience will be performed and completed to perfection. 

Sit back relax and enjoy the La Dolce Vita experience. Everything we do creates Quality Luxurious Time and Time is a Luxury, so why not live your life to the fullest. 

Live the La Dolce Vita Lifestyle. Enjoy Life more by doing less and and know that we will take care of all the details.

Bea Solya


Submit some basic details about a proposed Travel Plan and allow my staff to start preparing  your La Dolce Vita Adventure.