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Join RushSeekers -The Leading Luxury Travel Lifestyle Management and Concierge Service Chosen By A Class Who Only Enjoy The Absolute Best Of Life.
What Our Clients are Saying about RushSeekers

Adventure, Excitement and Deal Making Travel Experiences, like no other, without the hassle of being one of the crowd. They meet every expectation of La Dolce Vita.

There is more to running a Corporate Travel Department than just having an aircraft show up for pickup and dropoff. RushSeekers turns routine and mundane Corporate Business Travel into excitement and adventure with a twist of luxury and elegance.

RushSeekers elevates the Travel Experience to an UnImaginable Level of Precision, Perfection and Delight. After a business travel itinerary, our corporate aircraft travelers all have expressed elation about the experience.

Whether you are an Aircraft Owner, Operator or a Lifestyle Traveler, RushSeekers has a Plan for You. La Dolce Vita levels off your Travel Itinerary at a Flight Level that is smooth, luxurious, exciting and adventurous. They meet your every expectation that the class above deserves.

RushSeekers accepted our corporate aircraft into their X1Charter program and substantially increased the planes's utilization, which in-turn substantially reduced our cost of ownership. On all occasions when using their program we have received superior service, even as compared to our own in house corporate flight department. They provide a safe and secure reliable operation based on the substantial aerospace industry history and technical expertise of their Systems Operations Management and Personnel. There is no better service anywhere in the Business Jet Aviation Industry. Period !

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  • World Class personal concierge service from dedicated lifestyle managers.
  • 24/7/365 personal concierge service working globally to meet your requests.
  • Lifestyle Managers worldwide, speaking more than 20 languages.
  • Unrivalled access to the exquisite, luxurious, glamorous and hottest restaurants, night clubs, and cultural and sporting events from around the world.
  • Exclusive membership privileges, preferential rates and La Dolce Vita  lifestyle solutions. 
  • Customized flight bookings and hotel itineraries handled by expert concierges.
  • Personalized service from our proactive Lifestyle Managers.

Adrenalin on the Edge

Design an Experience to Boost your Senses.

Unquestionable Credibility Closing Your Deal

Arriving in Your Personal Turbine Powered Jet Transport Demonstrates Superior Business Acumen. The Deal will be Done !

Shock and Aw of the Unseen

Explore the Fringes as see from Above and decide to Explore. Lets Land There !

Experience New Adventures

Free Time to Connect with Source Energy.